History of the Summer Village of Lakeview

One of the First Fishing Communities

Wabamun Lake is a very popular sport fishery. Sport fish species include northern pike, walleye, yellow perch, burbot, and lake whitefish. Other fish in the community are white sucker, brook stickleback, spottail shiner and Iowa darter. Currently, only catch-and-release fishing is allowed at Wabamun.

Wabamun Lake has been commercially and recreationally fished since the late 1880s. The lake was so popular in the 1930s that it was nearly impossible to find parking on the ice to either set a net or fish. It is an unsurprising consequence that there have been many population collapses in recorded history – including the extirpation of walleye.

The first coal mines in the area began underground in 1910 and as strip mines in 1948. The coal fired power plants have provided electricity to many residents and businesses over the years and have generated much controversy.

Historical records, from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans library, show substantial catches of whitefish, pickerel (slang for walleye), and pike in 1912-1913.

Alberta Environment and Parks has several fisheries management objectives for Wabamun Lake:

  • Indigenous Management Objective – Honour subsistence, heritage and ceremonial fishery uses through responsible management of fish populations.
  • Recreational Management Objective – Restoration of the walleye population, old growth or trophy northern pike fishery, and recovery of the lake whitefish population.
  • Habitat Management Objective – Decrease phosphorus inputs from fertilizers, minimize erosion of shorelines and maintain natural shorelines.

Municipal Boundary Documents

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Act to Establish Separate Village

Dec 31, 1913

Order 9663

Jan 01, 1978

Order in Council 32/78

Jan 01, 1978